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What we do...

Meeting Management

We recognize that every meeting is unique, it's own tank full of fun.  With every meeting or event that we engage in and manage they all have different elements that need to be talked about, massaged and "figured out".  In our 25+ years of experience and training we might have seen it all, but probably not that is when we take out our magnifying glass and take the time to ask the questions, probe deeper, and look at the many ways that we can use our professional services that will work for your unique organization. 


registration services

My mom always told me "you don't get a second chance for a first impression".  It starts here attendees need to access and sign up for your meeting or event without confusion and frustration and to feel that they are attending and/or paying for a well managed, organized event.   We offer flexible and custom, convenient online registration and branded event websites.

site selection

The internet has changed everything, anybody with internet access can spend five minutes and access 500+ properties that might "seem" perfect for your conference.  However it takes experience to ask the questions and determine truly what is the best place for your conference or event.  Stop spending your time, or your staff's time to search endlessly, best of all?  We can do this free for you, yes free as in 0 dollars.

special events

Are you looking to WOW your attendees?  Well we bring the Wow.. they say pictures speak 1,000 words... well we think ours speak 1 Million... check out our gallery.

If extraordinary attendee experiences are what you are seeking, Celebration Meetings & Events is your choice for conference or event management
— Ali Ginnett