events that engage, inspire and connect




• Determine best product for event based on complexity
• Contract with outside vendor for online registration
• Develop attendee registration process requirements - paths, field, payment, activities
• Create custom registration form to collect necessary data from attendee
• Create & Design all confirmations and follow up emails with information, dates and reminders
• Provide link for client access of weekly attendance reports
• Process registration cancellations and modifications
• Collect all registration fees , account for & process refunds


Budget & Expense Management

• Discuss with client the specifications of the event
• Create initial budget based on clients specifications
• Review initial budget with client and adjust based on clients input
• Produce a final budget detailing projected income as well as fixed and variable expenses
• Record all invoices, deposits and payments with all vendors
• Negotiate or make necessary changes with vendors
• Create payment schedule based on deposits due with vendors

Meeting Room Design

• Discuss with the client their desired set-up for the meeting rooms, and breakout space
• Create a design that meets the clients specifications and is optimal for the space contracted
• Design a layout for seating, staging and registration areas
• Coordinate the design with the facility and production company staff
• Ensure that the banquet event orders reflect all the pertinent details related to meeting room set-up
• Prior to arrival on-site, pack and ship/deliver supplies that may be necessary on-site


• Develop an understanding of the client's goals and expectations for food functions
• Create a menu plan considering the client's goals and budgets
• Work creatively with lead chef to design specified menus as requested
• Review and modify the plan based on the client's inputs
• Finalize the menu with the client and get final approval
• Contact the appropriate vendor and order the food and beverage
• Complete all the banquet event orders
• Place final guarantees for all functions


• Provide hotel with staff and attendee rooming lists, noting arrival/departure and any special needs
• Provide client with rooming list from hotel and manage list thru planning and onsite
• Respond to all emails and telephone call from participants and answer their questions or direct to appropriate person
• Manage attrition

Production Company/Audio Visual Management

• Obtain the complete list of needed equipment from the client
• Negotiate and partner with the production company and audio visual vendor to receive fair pricing for rentals and services
• Work with production company to design theme, confirm continuity of brand and process orders
• Confirm with client and vendors internet needs and negotiate data purchase and bandwidth with facilities


• Contract services with booking agency, negotiate terms, fees and delivery of services
• Coordinate planning calls for client and contracted speaker as part of content planning process
• Arrange any flights or ground transportation as needed with booking agency
• Provide meet and greet personel to escort speaker as needed

Program Signage Preparation and Coordination

• Work with client to create a list of appropriate directional signs for the meeting
• Design & produce signage as requested
• Create RFP and determine best vendor
• Negotiate transportation contract with selected vendor
• Coordinate transfers to any/all locations


• Brainstorm with client on gifts for attendees
• Obtain quotes from CME or Client preferred suppliers for attendee gifts & goodie bags
• Provide art & approvals for vendor, get approval from client and follow up with all orders to ensure
     shipping and delivery time and location
• Ensure client expectations for premium gifts are met
• Help brainstorm, purchase and process VIP amenities


• Review final hotel bill and submit for payment
• Review final bills for outside vendors and submit payment
• Submit final attendance, attendee analytics and budget reports to client
• Post conference wrap up with all vendors obtaining feedback, and areas for improvements
• Post conference survey (on request)
• Post conference meeting summary with client