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Sourcing Spectrum

The Sourcing Spectrum

There are many companies out there that can research and negotiate a venue for you. We take the process five steps deeper.  We differentiate our Spectrum service by leveraging thousands of RFPs, contracts and Partner agreements to deliver the most favorable options for your event. 

Our Spectrum service is a 6-point holistic approach:

The First Step in the Right Direction Needs assessment. Spectrum begins with a needs assessment that focuses on the unique characteristics of your event with an emphasis on meeting scope, business outcomes and budget.

Analysis and Assessment Research. Our well-traveled and knowledgeable teams maximize your time with site visits and property evaluations presenting the options best suited to your unique needs.

Optimization of Resources Benchmarking. Leverage the collective data of all Experient customers to ensure that you are not only getting the best rates, but the most impactful collection of concessions. We analyze RFP responses, hotel contracts and client experiences to always deliver the best possible package for your event.

Perfecting the Event Experience Consultation. Using a thoughtful, people-centered design approach based on more than 40 years of experience, we are able to break down your challenges and shine new light on your event, enhancing the experience as a whole.

Protecting Our Clients Risk management. We leverage our supplier and partner relationships, as well as the assistance from our in-house legal department, to create best-in-class contract templates. This helps provide our customers additional protection from the continuously changing environments in the meetings and convention business. Staying ahead of these changes gives you peace of mind and extra protection.

Recognition of Savings and ROI Value documentation. By generating savings reports, we are able to show your overall negotiated rate and concession savings. This enables us to re-evaluate and improve your future meetings process and help you keep control on your spend.